Hiking Basics

     If you are a starting hiker or somebody who goes only a few times a year, you may want to read this section before going into the woods. Please be aware that all advice here is based on my personal experience, and thus may not be appropriate to you.



A trail starts with three squares arranged into an arrow-like formation.
The standard sight for a trail is a painted square. Please be aware that sometimes mother nature plays tricks with you, so as long as it's not a square, don't consider it a trail sign.
Trail turns sharp to the left. Look for another trail sign in that direction. It is essential to notice this and the next sign, as failing to notice is the main cause of people getting lost.
Trail turns sharp to the right. The next trail sign should be clearly visible on your right.
The trail (yeah, you guessed it) ends. Look either for the next trail or for your car.

Recommended literature